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How to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Services in the USA

3D printing has progressed from creating just prototypes to full scale small run production. Iannone offers rapid prototyping and small run production of engineering parts and models.

There is no limit to creative design. Engineers develop  products that are manufactured and sold in volume. At the same time they keep developing newer and better designs that take care of deficiencies in older ones and that offer different sets of functionality for custom applications. Jewelry designers can dream up fantastic designs but creating one or two items is very expensive. Consumer goods manufacturers always want a product that looks better, works better and costs less. In all such cases the traditional way to developing a prototype may be too expensive or too time consuming. It could also interrupt regular production processes. The best solution is provided by 3D printing technologies that have progressed to a level where the most complex geometries can be recreated easily in any material using FDM or SLS technologies.

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There are a number of 3D printing services throughout the USA but not all are equal. Some companies simply do not have the finest and most suitable equipment for development of a specific prototype. Some have limitations about the size they can reproduce. They can produce a scale model but not a fully functional prototype. Some have printer limitations that will not allow them to use engineering plastics, ceramic, glass or metal in the prototype. Some 3D printers simply do not have the engineering expertise to understand complex geometries and translate them into 3D objects. Though 3D printers are linked with sophisticated software, the human mind and knowledge born of experience do matter when it comes to translating CAD designs to prototypes. Lats but not least, some 3D printing bureaus simply cannot deliver in time.

  • Equipment perspective: Iannone uses top of the line Fortus series 3D FDM printers from Stratasys, capable of prototyping the most complex geometric profiles and large sizes with ease. These machines have a continuous feed system that allows them to operate unattended without breaks for fastest output. Iannone has several of these high end FDM printers as well as SLS printers to take on virtually any kind of prototyping task.
  • From the versatility perspective: Equipped with a range of equipment and with experience of handling a variety of prototyping tasks, Iannone delivers results beyond expectations each time. A client may ask for only one prototype or small volume production. Should a client design a part that cannot be printed in its entirely on one machine, Iannone will print it in parts and fuse it with chemical welding.
  • Timeliness perspective: Iannone is staffed by experts with years of experience in handling high end equipment. This translates to rapid prototype printing and delivery to a client anywhere in the USA.
  • Engineering excellence: Prototyping involves extensive engineering knowledge, not only of the part and its end use but also of the printer and its limitation as well as capabilities. Iannone engineers have worked with developers to help them take advantage of the 3D printers and develop prototypes that work better, look better and cost less without losing structural integrity. You can find hundreds of 3D printing services across the USA but it’s not easy to find one with engineers who truly understand prototyping and bring value to the process.

Iannone is the best USA-based rapid prototyping service as many have found out. The best testimonial is that they never look elsewhere.

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