Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Find the Perfect 3D Printer for All of Your Projects

You can spend time, money and effort in finding the perfect 3D printer, parts and filament materials or simply choose the smarter way to get 3d printing done from Iannone.

3D printing technology has advanced to a level where it is just as easy to make 3D prints as one would make laser or inkjet prints at home. Even the prices of 3D printers have fallen to levels that are surprisingly affordable. Materials such as polymer resin or filaments of polymers, are so affordably priced they will make you consider buying a cheap 3d printing machine and get started printing you.

However, as you progress and try out a few 3D prints you will find that it is not that simple. A 3D object can be a simple object or it can have a complex geometry. You can build a faily complex profiled 3D object with a cheap printer but it will only serve as a demonstration piece. Most likely you cannot use it as a prototype or a working model. The reason being a low cost 3D printer cannot perfectly reproduce certain profiles such as overhangs, recesses and holes. In short there are limitations. Then finding raw materials once you have exhausted what came with the printer can be difficult and expensive. The question arises in your mind as to where to get 3d printing done that actually reproduces what you visualize and lets you use the prototype and test it in real world situations.

The answer is simple. Iannone 3D is the answer as to where to get 3d printing done. You can take the hard route of searching for and finding the perfect 3D printing machine, only to find it is too expensive and does not justify the cost. You can try to find materials and filaments only to find that some of them do not print correctly. Your question of where to get 3d printing done remains. Instead of putting more effort into find a trouble-free printer and 3d printing material, leave it all to Iannone. Then you can concentrate on developing your design while letting Iannone handle the 3d printing.

Why Iannone 3D and not any other 3d printing service? Read on.

  • Iannone has the full line of fused deposition modeling machines from Stratasys, leaders in this technology. This technology makes use of filaments of ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, Ultem and other thermoplastics, deposited layer by layer to create a 3D prototype with the same strength and characteristics as well as dimensional tolerances of a prototype you would obtain from molding processes.
  • Iannone can 3D print large parts in sections and chemically welds them into a single unit. If you want a large, complex profile plastic part that can be used in real life situations, get your 3D part printed here.
  • Iannone also offers SLS or selective laser sintering process 3d prototyping service. You can create CAD designs of metal, ceramic and glass objects with complex geometries and let Iannone translate them into working objects.

There is more to Iannone than just converting CAD files into 3D objects. Each object is different and requires an engineer’s insight as well as knowledge of the 3D printer and the process in order to realize perfection. What a corner shop might not be able to provide, Iannone does. It offers you specialized engineering assistance. Designers of engineering prototypes and models appreciate these inputs that make a part stronger, more streamlined, more economical and more functional. Anyone who has attempted to create complex 3D profiles will appreciate the expertise of Iannone in all areas of 3D printing. 


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