Monday, 23 May 2016

Making Amazing Technology Readily Available- Order 3D Prints Online

Charles Hull “Chunks” created the very first functional 3D printer in 1984. At this time the technology was used for solidifying liquid coatings, however, the new trend is all about getting a physical object instantly by just an online order. This technology makes product development possible for just about anyone, especially for those who work in industries like aerospace organizations and manufacturing corporations.

Order 3D Prints Online

Online Ordering Process:

With access to the internet, it doesn't require too much effort to get up and running with 3D printing nowadays. So many websites are available where people can buy 3D printers. And for anyone who wants to order 3D printing online, Iannone3D is the website to visit. The ordering process is very user-friendly, with just a few clicks all of the available options are shown in order to get a quick quote. If you are considering buying a 3D print online, there are a few basic essentials and also advantages to be aware of.

  • Time and Energy Savings-3D printing is an energy efficient technology itself and moreover, if someone is ordering online he does not need to go anywhere. A variety of options are available online at the customer’s discretion.
  • Cost-Efficient- online options are very reasonable for the customer. This allows designers to offer more choices to end-users at a fair price.
  • Available Specification Details-customers can easily access all of the printer and material specifications online so they can be more aware of what they’re going to purchase.
  • Quality Assurance-manufacturing quality is a major concern for the customer who is going to pay for a 3D print. Part quality and accuracy are given close inspection.
  • Easy Payment Facility- Customers can pay online with a credit card and have the prints shipped to them or can choose to pay cash upon pickup.
  • Customer Satisfaction- by ordering online people get a top quality product with a variety of options delivered right to their door.
Benifits of 3D printing

Uses and Benefits of 3D Printing:

As many are aware, 3D printing is stretching its wings in so many fields as the fashion industry, smartphone cases, auto parts, home goods, and the list goes on. Apart from that 3D printing has given some major revolutionary advancement to some other industries such as:
  • 3D printing is saving lives; 3D printing has brought about drastic and revolutionary inventions to the medical field. 3D printers can print the organs from a patient’s own cells. Patients no longer have to wait for future donors with certain procedures.
  • Those working in the aerospace industry rely very heavily on 3d printing. Recently NASA has conducted testing of its newest rocket engine injector made by 3D printing, with 10 times better results.
  • 3d printing is also being widely used to improve defense systems around the world.
In summary, ordering 3d prints online is convenient and one of the easiest ways to make use of advancing technology.
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