Monday, 25 April 2016

One off Precision Engineered 3D Printing Services Online

3D printing has created a quiet revolution in engineering prototyping and parts manufacturing. Traditionally, a complex plastic injection molded component necessitated the development of a mold involving a cost of thousands of dollars. Then again there is the matter of quantity manufacturing. It is simply not practical to manufacture a mold for only one or two articles to be used as prototypes for further refinements. 3D printing using Fused Deposition Modeling technology has added a whole new dimension to complex parts prototyping. From CAD design to prototype is a single step as the 3D printer, in conjunction with appropriate software, translates CAD design into layer by layer deposition of engineering plastics.  It is just as easy to make a small prototype as it is to make a large part such as a specialized fender for automobiles using 3D printers.
3d printing service online

A major factor that influences cost is the time it takes to translate a CAD model into the printed part. With state of art equipments and a capable team, Iannone 3d online printing service ensures fastest turnaround.  A client may deliver a basic CAD design and engineers refine it further to reduce unnecessary material use while ensuring structural rigidity and strength, should the prototype be required to undergo tests. Size can be scaled up or scaled down as required without affecting crucial parameters.

There is still another important distinguishing quality that sets Iannone 3D printing service online apart from others. It is the ability to create large prototypes in parts on different machines and then weld them chemically to create a dimensionally perfect monolithic, strong, structure at a lower cost and in record time.
3d printed parts Online

Complex parts are not easy to construct given the limitations of 3D printers. A part may have unsupported overhangs. Printers require a supporting layer underneath in order to print the part’s section correctly. A part may have bridges and hollows that could cause dimensional variations if 3d printing is not handled properly. Leveraging knowledge of the printers and software, engineers at Iannone ensure that even parts with complex profiles and overhangs and recesses print correctly without warps or deformations or dimensional variations. These and other issues typically endemic to 3d printing technologies, are well studied and understood by operators at Iannone.  When you get your prototype prepared through Iannone it will be perfect in all respects, rivaling a die cast, molded or machined component, regardless of complexity of its profile.  



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