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3D printing involves the additive manufacturing process of making three-dimensional objects by laying down materials in layers of succession. The technology was first invented around thirty-five years back. After that, 3D printing has been used for rapid prototyping. Over the last few years, the uses of 3D printing have increased manifold.

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3d printing service cost

Different materials used for 3D printing

The materials used for 3D printing are ceramics, various types of food, thermoplastic composites, pure metals and metal alloys. Even now, 3D printing is still in its infantile stage. However, in the coming years, it is going to create a radical change with the combination of nanotechnology and synthetic biology. 3D printing in the coming years can transform manufacturing processes.

Wide range of additive manufacturing technologies

3D printing includes a broad range of additive technologies in the manufacturing sector. They assist in the building of objects in thin layers. The layers are laid out in succession. There are different methods which are applied. All of them start with computer-aided design software. A 3D scanner is used to make a digital copy. The technologies employed in 3D scanners are different.

3D model prepared by slicing to be 3D printed

Before a 3D model is prepared to be printed, it has to be made by slicing. The act of dividing a 3D model into numerous layers is slicing. This is done with the help of software. The 3D model is ready for printing, once it is sliced. Once the file is uploaded in a 3D printer, layer by layer the object is ready to be 3D printed.

3d printing service cost

3D printing

Once your model is ready for 3D printing, you have to decide on the type of printer. Cheap printer kits are available in the market if you are venturous enough to try one on your own. You can also make your choice from a pre-assembled 3D printer. The 3D printers are getting cheaper day by day. So 3D printers are reaching out to the domestic users. However, not everyone is willing to spend so much on domestic 3D printers. For them, 3D service bureaus are available. The 3D printing service cost at Iannone3d are not quite expensive. If you do not possess skills to develop your 3D model you can take assistance from the marketplace. They can provide you with 3D model files which you can download at lower prices.

Future prediction of 3D printing   

It is predicted by many industry specialists that 3D printing will make such tremendous technological advancement in the recent years that it will have an impact on the nature of commerce. The end users will be able to deal with the manufacturing aspect themselves. There will be a reduction of waste which will help in curbing pollution to a significant extent. Specialists are beginning to utilize 3D printing in more advanced ways in the medical industry, the field of bioprinting, aviation industries, and automotive industries.

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