Thursday, 3 November 2016

3D Printing Service Cost-Who, What, When and How much

3D printing is the most promising technology existing in today’s world. It is simply a product having three dimensions which are a result of a large number of thin layers. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. A 3D model is a combined result of computer aided design (cad) data, 3D scanners, 3D printers, etc. It requires an application of the modeling software. This software is available with payable license and also as open source software.

A 3D printing service cost when structured according to the parameters of the customer depends on the following:

1.     Who: Who is providing the services? This may follow the name and profile of the company with their experience in this field. It is easy for established companies to get through the mind of the customers. If it is new it is possible only through avoiding promising services as a kick start.

2.      What: This may include two factors as what services are given and what are the ways to purchase the 3D printer? The companies solve this by advertising their product with highlighting its advantages etc. The answer to the latter part simple by providing options of online purchase, free shipping charges etc.

3d printing service cost

3.    When: This is a temporary parameter which includes the answer as the time or schedule when at times companies avail particular offers, discounts, and cash backs on buying the product.

4.      How much: This is the most important parameter of the customer. According to this they assure that how much is the cost of the services being available and how much services are being available at a certain cost.

There are various companies who are great competitors and what brings them into competition is the degree of fulfillment of the above-mentioned parameters. The technology used in 3D printing is Fused Deposition Modelling Technology (FDM). It includes advancing with the traditional methods so as to keep up the strength quality. A proper FDM technology may include:

1.   Usage of industrial strength thermoplastic that can withstand high temperatures, harmful chemicals,
2.      Usage of temperature controlled thermoplastic layer
3.     Appropriate degree of the hotness of the glue gun

Benefits of 3D printing:

There are numerous advantages of this technology which is impossible to sum up together but a few of them are as follows:
1.      It reduces the cost of production by using the FDM technology.
2.   It reduces the time of development of the product which is a key factor that supports the earlier launching of the product in the market.
3.      It makes the products easier in testing, risk management, etc.
4.      It helps in giving a clear concept of the product to both the company and the client and many more.
Various companies like Iannone 3D provides 3D printing service cost at reasonable rates. The customer can prefer the company on the basis of the required services needed by them. These services prove very helpful in generating a good business in reasonable investments.


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