Tuesday, 26 July 2016

5 Easy Ways to Use Online 3D Printing in the USA

So you’ve heard the news about 3D printing? Maybe you’re wondering how to get started in the industry or what you could possibly use a 3D printer for in the first place. The truth is, there really are so many options for using 3D printers. Many of them are actual useful applications that could make your life a lot easier. Others are practical applications that could be fun gift ideas. Some of the most recent uses have been in the medical field, those that are improving the lives of patients at a fraction of the cost.
All of these unique ideas can be extremely useful. Yet, unless you’re starting a business to sell 3D printed products, the cost to own a 3D printer might not be worth the investment. Why shell out thousands to only print a custom coaster? A better option is to consider one of the many companies like Iannone 3D offer 3D printing online in the USA for a fraction of the price of buying your own machine.

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Iannone 3D is one of those companies that offers this creative service for a comparatively cheap price. They offer printed products in a variety of materials (ABS, Nylon, PC, Ultem and more) in a variety of different colours. Although they are based out of New Jersey, Iannone 3D offers online quotes so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Here are a few practical and useful applications that you can carry out using Iannone 3D.
  1. For the medical field and researching practicalities, 3D printing has become a very useful tool. The most prominent feature of the new technology is the ability to create 3D, lifelike models. These models can be used in teaching biology as an easy and cost effective teaching tool. With research, the models may serve as a unique reference for cutting edge science.
  2. For fashion designers, Iannone 3D can help you create concept models. Although it might not be the same material of your finished product, a concept model will bring your designs to life. Use concept models to generate interest in a product and even gain investors.
  3. Similarly, anyone in the USA with a great idea can use online 3D printing to create a prototype of their unique design. In some cases, you may be able to use 3D printed parts for some or all of your finished product.
  4. Jewellery has become a hot, new item for 3D printers worldwide. It allows the artist to generate their own unique design while still being simple enough for almost anyone to use. Some go on to sell their customized jewellery online for a profit!
  5. Household items can almost always be 3D printed with ease. Even a beginner is able to find a STL file online for a product they want and send it to Iannone 3D to have it printed. There is hardly any work at all involved in printing common household items such as coasters, soap dishes, kitchenware, etc.

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